"I try to keep the ghosts out, but they always force their way back in."
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Sneewittchen (detail)
Cristi López 2013

Sketch by kir-tat
Love simple things like this

Mermaid and human

(summarized)Based on the fairy tale story about a spoiled, vain girl who wore her red shoes constantly, then one day she was cursed by the shoes and could not take them off, and could not stop dancing. Even when her feet her cut off ( youch!) her amputated legs were still attached to the shoes and were dancing. Feeling helpless, She begged and pleaded mercy to God and an angel came and granted her prayers, taking her soul to heaven.The story was later adapted into a movie in 1948 about a ballerina and her desire to dance conflicts with her need for love, ultimately leading to her death.Source: WikipediaMaterials: Ink pen

aus I want to see | fairy tale princesses in power
no woman is a stranger to hardship, not even in a fairy tale world. These women have suffered greatly—through grief, terror, prosecution, and violence—but have persevered through their will and determination, not only surviving and overcoming their enemies but also thriving. Now queens in their own rights, these former princesses have decided to meet and join forces in what it is aptly named the coalition of queens.
gennifer goodwin as snow whitejessy schram as cinderellaemilie de ravin as belletamsin egerton as sleeping beautyasin thottumkal as jasmineholliday grainger as rapunzelrachel hurd-wood as ariel

I always felt that a dog shitting looked so vulnerable. It is in nature a vulnerable moment, when your defences are down. This also made me think how to be a good artist you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable, to be open. You can never be truly creative with your defences up. From a religious perspective a certain openness, vulnerability even abandonment is necessary for us to diminish the sense of self.